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If you want to look like an elf, elegant and graceful, with pointy ears but without the inconvenience of using glue and silicone ears (that will itch after a while), this is the perfect place for you!

photo: Digit Regards, model: Lady H


Let the beauty of my designs and the glimmer of Swarovski crystals to compliment your outfit and make it perfect!

Arwen cosplay: Saerwen Cosplayz
Photo/video: Henrickson
Elven Rose Design offers a full range of jewelry pieces at a wide variety of price points. Every piece is made on my original design from high quality materials.
This is high quality elven jewelry made with love and passion. It comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and a Certificate of Guarantee for 3 years.
Browse our stunning selection and start shopping today.

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These are absolutely amazing!! They're so comfortable and extraordinarily beautiful! Thank you so much, they're everything I thought they would be and more.

Katherine Jacobson, USA

Really beautiful piece of jewellery and so different. They feel really comfortable to wear and the seller was a pleasure to do business with. Would definitely recommend.

S Fowler, UK

It is absolutely beautiful! The workmanship, communication, and overall quality was great. It was beautifully packaged and VERY comfortable to wear even with glasses.

Bonnie Love, USA

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