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I present to you my new project, Fae'i'riik. This is a more complex project, and it is very dear to me.

It is actually a book I write, and you can be part of the story. Also, you can find jewels and other treasures from Fae'i'riik in my shop :)


This is just the beginning ;)

I think it will be fun and interesting :)

Featured items

IMG_20210426_155557 (1).jpg

Dragon Lord badge

Dragon Lord badge (or Dragon Master badge) - the Dragon Lord coordinates the dragons army in Fae'i'Riik. In peaceful times they usually guard the portals throughout the realm.


Green Whispers bracelet

In Fae'i'Riik, this bracelet is worn by master builders because it helps focusing the magic to make the trees grow in certain ways, to build homes, gardens, stairs, bridges...


The Unicorn Lady pendant

Blue eyed unicorn pendant with rainbow mane.

sneak peek into 


Fae'i'riik is a wonderful place. Always green, with magic dust falling every night, cladding everything in myriads of sparkles. With giant trees from whose foliage songs and laughter can be heard.

It is a peaceful place, whose borders are patrolled by herds of wild unicorns and its portals are guarded by imposing dragons.

And this night, more than any night, there is joy and happiness. It is the Feast of Light. The moment that marks the start of a new season of renewing, growth, evolution. In opposition to the season of contemplation when you retreat in yourself mostly, to meditate, learn and plan.

Feyndor, the Shadowmaster, stood apart from the rest on a small balcony at the upper level, observing. Everything is in place and the guests started to arrive. The graceful ladies in flowing gowns adorned with intricate embroidery and exquisite jewels... The elegant lords not less graceful and adorned... His eyes glided over them all and stopped on Elmyra. She is the Unicorn Lady - the one who keeps contact with the herds patrolling the borders. If something is amiss she will be the first to know. She and the Dragon Lord, Talis. Actually they are in a deep conversation right now. What could this mean? Probably nothing :)

A horn called and there was silence. An ethereal apparition of indescribable beauty stood in the doorway. Her pale yellow dress and her silver hair made her glow. The magic dust was swirling around her in delicate and playful spirals. When she entered the room you could swear she was floating in the air.

- Come my friends, let's celebrate the return of the Light. The time of waiting is over. Let's rejoice.

The music started again and beautiful maidens come to dance.

Feyndor makes his way slowly to Elmyra and Talis.

- Good evening, friends. Do you enjoy the party?

- Indeed. Even if a little cloud brings a shadow over the light.

- What do you mean?

- Let's talk in a more private place - said Talis

They walked through the beautiful garden, where flower bushes grow on every branch, enchanting the passers by with delightful fragrances. When they were far enough to not be disturbed, Feyndor made a glyph that glowed for a moment.

- We can't be heard now. Tell me what's new.

- As I was telling Talis, the unicorns are restless. I see they are worried but I don't know why. They look through the veil and something they sense there makes them restless.

- This is not a comforting thought, being the night of the Feast of Lights... when the veil is really thin...

- Exactly my thoughts, Shadowmaster, said Talis.

- Your dragons are quiet?

- Well, they don't see beyond the veil... and here is no danger. But I told them to be prepared for anything.

- Good, good. I should send some agents beyond the veil, when they can go through to see what we can find out.

- An excellent idea, Feyndor. It is time to go back anyway, to let the queen know.

The sound barrier was removed and they returned to the feast. 

Feyndor felt someone watching him. "Let them have fun. There are troubled days before us but nothing starts tonight. Send your men to bring news and you have to come to see me tomorrow." It was Izarra, the Night Whisperer.
OK, this makes sense, thought Feyndor leaving the party. 

- Admit it, you don't like being around people, ShadowMaster :D Too many happy faces, no shadowy business there... only fun.
- We'll see tomorrow when the queen meets all the representatives. But for now everything is peaceful here. In the meantime we have work to do.
- Really? Tonight?
- Indeed. I need 3 of you to go beyond the veil. We need to see what could have startled the unicorns. It may be nothing, but un the other hand... let's be sure.
- Wow, I've always wanted to see the other world. I would be happy to go.
Feyndor looked at him. He was a young elf quite delicate looking but really skillful. His friends stood beside him, eager to go too.
- OK, you can go. Take care and be very observant.


Sneak peek
Chapter 1
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