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Cosplay Contest

Why the world needs artists?

To make life more beautiful. To make people let aside their problems and their worries and dream. To make them remember that the beauty is still there and all the bad things will end.

So let's brighten the day with this contest (and more will come) :

Cosplay Contest

Enter for a chance to win a $50 Gift Certificate that can be used in Elven Rose Designs shop!

What you need to do? Post a comment here with a picture of you looking elven / fairy (wearing elven jewelry or a dress that makes you feel like an elf / fairy) or a cosplay you made (on any theme).

The picture that receive the most likes will be the winner. Tip: you can ask your friends to vote for you ;) The WINNER will be announced on April 15th. Good luck everyone and stay safe!

#cosplay #contest #elvenjewelry #elfears #tiara

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