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Spring 2019 Jewelry Trends

by Tracy Matthews from

1.Everything's a Statement

Big necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and even ear cuffs are a huge jewelry trend for Spring 2019! Make them as big as you’d like, because Spring is all about making statements this year.

2. Mismatched Earrings

Button earrings are in, so you could do different colors or styles of buttons to be mismatched, but still a pair! Otherwise, you can design one statement earring and one subtle earring to capture this trend in your jewelry line.

3. Leafs, Shells & Feathers

Anything with a nod to nature is totally in for Spring 2019. There’s still a strong boho, wanderlust vibe carrying into 2019 so the handmade, imperfect look is still very much on trend.

4. Hoops, baby, Hoops!

All kinds of hoops are trending for jewelry in the Spring. Get creative with your hoops, add some pearls, use different shapes, even front facing hoops are totally on trend.

5. Resurrection of the Choker 

It's back, and more glamorous than ever! If you’re designing a choker for the Spring, include pearls, diamonds, or anything to dress it up – a lot!

6. Coins, Medallions, & Link Chains

Metals are in for Spring, but not always as you’d expect. Chain linked jewelry is so hot right now. From large link bracelets to the typical gold chains from the 80’s, it’s everywhere for Spring! Add in some coins or medallions for extra flair.

7. Brand Names & Logos

What a better way to get brand exposure than including your name on everything your customer wears? This is a huge jewelry trend for the Spring of 2019 – plus it’s not a bad way to boost your word of mouth marketing.

8. Cuffs, Cuffs, Cuffs

Arm cuffs, ear cuffs, and cuff bracelets are all on trend for the Spring! The bigger, the better.

9. Jewelry from Head to Toe

Yes, anklets and toe rings are making a comeback this Spring!

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