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Project for Australia

You all know how much I love Nature and animals and these devastating fires in Australia are so heartbreaking. You may say "it is on the other part of the world, it will not affect me" but it is not true. It will affect everyone. We are part of Nature and we can't live without it. And this is all the more heartbreaking because the Australian fauna is so different from the rest of the world.... I was angry that so many fires were started intentionally, but I was so happy to see people doing what they can to help.

I want to help too so I've created this design for a necklace. It will be a unique piece and when it will be ready, I will organize a 5 Days Auction on Facebook for it. 90% of the selling price will be donated to Humane Society International to help them rescue and care for these innocent victims.

#Australia #charityauction #unique #necklace #OOAK #ElvenRoseDesign

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