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Updated: Feb 4, 2019

Exquisite elven jewelry with a bit of magic.

If you want to look like an #elf, elegant and graceful, with pointy ears but without the inconvenience of using glue and silicone ears (that will itch after a while), this is the perfect place for you!

Here you can find elegant #elven #jewelry, light and comfortable, made with LOVE and CARE, from the best materials.

Why my elven jewelry is perfect for you?

- The elves are luminous beings, slender and graceful, and their jewelry must be alike. I create jewelry that real elves would wear with delight :)

- My jewels are created from the best materials

- They are made with love and utmost care

- They do not change their color

- They are nickel free and does not give allergies

- Each design is original and created by me

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