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This post is about you :)

Let me know what you expect from your elven jewelry. What materials are your favorite? What jewelry do you prefer? I have lots of ideas and designs in my mind and if I can make your fantasy a reality, it would be perfect!

I focused on offering high quality jewelry. My jewelry is made of non-tarnish wire. The advantages of this are the fact that the jewelry will not change color and the fact that it won't give you allergies. All the ends are protected so they will not scratch. Also all the wire is secured so it will not unravel.

In my mind elves are gracious beings, this is why I make my jewels elegant and delicate looking (yet sturdy). I make them light and easy to wear: they will not fall but will not get uncomfortable in time either - you can't be elegant and gracious if you are stressed by your jewelry :D

So, let me know how your ideal jewelry should be. What color combinations do you like? If you would be interested in jewelry made with semiprecious stones instead of crystals....

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