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"Love them!! Great service and communication from the seller! More than happy with my order experience!" 

Aimee Gallahorn, USA

"These are absolutely awsome, such a skilled work! :)"

Marielle Hasselblad, Sweden



"Absolutely Stunning! These have great visual impact and we are absolutely delighted by them. Great pieces. Laura is also a real pleasure to do business with, she is really good at responding to queries and was proactive advising on the delivery schedule."

Alan Gould, UK

"Most fantastic Elf ears ever!! You are an amazing craftswoman!"

Marielle Hasselblad, Sweden

"These are beautiful. They are elegant and look amazing. Great quality. Laura is a delight to work with too- keeping us well informed throughout the process. Cannot recommend highly enough."

Alan Gould, UK

"My daughter was thrilled with the ears. Very well made and gorgeous!"

Carrie Mumy, USA

"Awsome beyound words!!! Love them!"

Marielle Hasselblad, Sweden

"Well-made and beautiful. I love these."

J E Fiore, USA

"So gorgeous and the fit is just perfect. :-)"

Nicole Zander, Germany

"These are really beautful and sit nicely on my ears. I am very pleased with them"

Melinda Williamson, UK

"So very lovely!!! These were a gift for my elf princess daughter, and she was delighted with them."

Ann Elizabeth Sheehan, USA

"These are absolutely amazing!! They're so comfortable and extraordinarily beautiful! Thank you so much, they're everything I thought they would be and more."

Katherine Jacobson, USA

"Really beautiful piece of jewellery and so different. Theyl feel really comfortable to wear and the seller was a pleasure to do business with. Would definitely recommend."


"Thank you so much! I received my order today and the earrings are simply beautiful. Also, thank you for the kind gift, I will definitely be purchasing from you again soon. They were a birthday present for my friend, and she absolutely loves them :) I highly recommend Laura for anyone looking for unique jewelry :)"

Gishani Sirimanna, Australia

"Positively stunning. They are light weight and comfortable. Excellent communication and friendly customer service."

Lydia Halstead, USA

"This review stands for a purchase of four ear wrap jewellery items that I bought from the seller. I don't have my ears pierced and I find that clip on earrings begin to hurt after about an hour, so I never get to wear pretty ear jewellery. With these pieces, which wrap around the contour of the ear and don't pull, pinch, or dangle, I've found the perfect solution. On top of that, I'm a big fantasy fan of LOTR, TES, NWN and many more, so when I saw these gorgeous pieces I wanted them not only because they looked good but they also make great costume pieces for an elf! I like all the individual designs to choose from too, that it's not just one design on offer. I am seriously considering buying again from this store."

Bethany Martin, UK

"Absolutely beautiful, looks just like the picture! The seller was lovely and was very prompt in answering my questions about shipping. They also included a lovely little gift necklace for free and both items were packaged in a cute little ribboned box. This seller is absolutely wonderful and their craftsmanship superb, definitely recommend!"

Jennifer Coombes, Australia

"OMG! These are SOOOO Pretty! Well worth the wait. If you order from the US, expect to wait at least a month or more, but they will come and you will be so pleased!"

Retagene Hanslik, USA

"I'm so glad I ordered a pair for my sisters and girlfriend! Just Gorgeous!"

Retagene Hanslik, USA

"These are SUPER-FANTASTIC!! I will have a hard time deciding which to keep and which to give as gifts!!"

Retagene Hanslik, USA

"They're gorgeous! I love them so much"

Taylor Hartley, UK

"These may be my favorite of the four pair I ordered. So pretty on! The wait was well worth it, and thank you so much for the extra gift. So thoughtful of you : )"

Retagene Hanslik, USA

"Fantastic, amazing. The packaging was lovely, and so was the lil' extra gift (Which my mother now wears happily)"

Taylor Hartley, UK

"It is absolutely beautiful! The workmanship, communication, and overall quality was great. It was beautifully packaged and VERY comfortable to wear even with glasses."

Bonnie Love, USA

"Amazing cuffs! Fit perfectly and look gorgeous!"

Bobina Daria, Russia

"Item is absolutely gorgeous and it was a pleasure to communicate with Laura, who was always prompt to reply to my questions. Thank you so much!"

Carmen Shea Hepburn, New Zealand

"LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! ... wearing it today as a matter of fact ... always get compliments!"

Karin Becker, USA

"Absolutely beautiful design, made the perfect gift, and it came in as timely as a manner could. Thank you so much, this is incredible."

Jonathan Banuelos, USA

"Soo dainty and beautifully made.... A piece I will enjoy getting lots of looks for!"

Alice Miller, USA

"Beautiful item; It is clear that plenty of time love and devotion went into its making. The store owner is tremendously polite and helpful. I very much encourage supporting her and recommend all of her fine work."

Tim Halloran, USA

"Okay nothing bad to say these are just simply gorgeous and they feel so nice, meaning that they are light weight and fit perfectly.

I love them :)"

Jennifer Dotson, USA

"They are amazing!!!!!! Exactly as described!"

Andreea Papillon, UK

"Absolutely PERFECT! Thank you so much for our barter!"

Susan Josephson, USA

"My new ear wraps are wonderful! I love them, and they look just like as pictured. So happy to receive them that I want another pair. Be expected to wait a month or so with shipping. I highly recommend this fellow Etsian seller."

Yvette Wilson-Jones, USA

"Very dainty and beautifully crafted Elf Ears. Post took a little while due to being over the Christmas time but totally worth the wait."

Kathleen Baff, New Zealand

"Exellent!!! Very friendly seller, high Quality earrings, Thank you very much!"

Carola Volkwein, Germany

"Carefully packaged and well insulated, nothing was bent or broken. The crafting is excellent, if anything it looks better than the picture does. I'll definitely be a repeat customer and recommend this shop to friends."

Jennifer Stephens, USA

"I am blown away by my Secret Santa! I received an absolutely gorgeous ‘Mother Nature’ necklace that feels so magickal and real, like as if it came straight from a faery realm! It’s so wonderfully well made, all tiny details – eyes, hair, even shimmering blush on Mother Nature’s cheeks! ^_^ Fantastic! Laura, thank you so so much for this! I’m in love! This necklace is gonna be my ‘connection with nature’ totem. THANK YOU! <3"

Vanille Gavenko, USA

"Beautifully designed, snug fit, my girlfriend loves them!! Shipping takes a while from Romania, but they arrived with a nice little extra surprise gift which more than made up for my apprehension about the shipping time."

Noah Dodero, USA

"Beautiful, delicate, and sturdy as well. Easy to fit to my ear by squeezing the wire in back. Why stop at an earring when you can decorate your whole ear!"

Jennifer Stephens, USA

"Item arrived as promised and on time. And thank you for the earrings!!"

Firdaus Rahim, Singapore

"The ear cuffs are beautiful and well worth the wait."

Vickie Michels, USA

"The more I looked at it, the more I realized how much work must have gone into making these pieces. The quality is excellent as always and has left me wanting to get even more...if this was a shop just down the road from me I'd probably be in there every week if my checkbook could handle it."

Jennifer Stephens, USA

"lovely! This is very nice"

Mara Banfi, Italy

"I absolutely LOVE these cuffs! 😍 They are comfortable, light, of excellent quality and design, and they stay in place really well. They've become my favorite piece of jewelry. Great communication and easy transaction. The shipping took a little while, but these gorgeous cuffs were worth the wait. I highly recommend this seller."

Lindsay Charles, USA

"Such an amazing piece of jewelry. The craftsmanship is fantastic, I can't stop looking at them, and the shop owner is lovely. I would recommend this lovely shop to everyone, and will be buying more pieces in the future. An absolute pleasure to deal with, I will wear my elf ears with pride. Thankyou!"

Laura Woods, UK

"Beautiful ring. Got it for my wife as a birthday gift & she loves it. Thank you :D"

Greg Hulsman, Ireland

"The artist was very helpful and creative in finding a way to adjust a leather set to a larger size; not easy to do with leather! The beaded extension makes it fit perfectly and looks like it was always part of the design. The leather is soft and supple, comfortable and pleasant to wear. Definitely glad I got this set. This proves that it can't hurt to ask about resizing something even if you think it isn't likely, you can end up with something wonderful and uniquely yours."

Jennifer Stephens, USA

"these were lovely!

Will be buying more :)"

Marina Smith, Canada

"I asked if it was possible to do this design in copper, as some fantasy settings call wood elves copper elves, and I also really like copper... It turned out gorgeous! I've been wearing them constantly, to the point that my hubby told me I'd turn my ears green if I kept it up. Not to worry, there isn't a single spot of tarnish even with lots of use. The matching necklace makes it a perfect set of my favorite metal."

Jennifer Stephens, USA

"They are very light and can sit on the ear so easily you forget they are there. I love the dangling light blue crystal on the tip of the moon shape. The weave of silver around it is like the halo of ice you can sometimes see around the moon on cold nights...beautiful :)"

Jennifer Stephens, USA

"(Custom order ) Exactly what I asked for! And I got a free necklace to fit with it! Very happy with this purchase, can't wait to wear them to my comic convention! Thanks a lot ^~^/"


"A delightful dainty pink jewellery it ! 💖💖💖"

Maria Elhassan, Australia

"Fast delivery, perfect collaboration with seller and the item is of excellent quality"

Balilaki Eirini, Greece

"Words cannot describe how amazing Laura is. She is an amazing artist who puts so much love into her jewelry. I had ear cuffs made custom to match another necklace I purchased. She matched the cuffs perfectly and tended to my needs flawlessly. Her shop is one of a kind. I highly recommend her and will be coming back.

Emma Kenemer, USA

"Such a gorgeous ear cuff. I'm super happy with it! I'll be ordering again in the future! The shipping time was good for international mail and it came undamaged."

Frances Hautz, USA

"Gorgeous, impeccable work! These will look amazing on the members of my wedding party. :)"

Erin Blumer, USA

"Wow. All I can say is wow. The product is literally more beautiful than the picture is able to capture. Expert craftsmanship, high quality, hand-made jewelry. I highly recommend it."


"Absolutely lovely! The crystals catch the light perfectly. These will look great on my bridesmaids!

Erin Blumer, USA

"Beautiful, precise work! I will be wearing these to many, many renaissance faires. :)"

Erin Blumer, USA

"This is utterly gorgeous. Thank you so much!!"

Anna Pinnolis, USA

"This is going to be my new favorite ear cuff. It's so beautiful and so comfortable! Thank you so much!!

Anna Pinnolis, USA

"The earrings are gorgeous! Can't wait to wear them to my wedding :)"

Meghan Fitzgerald, USA

"Very beautiful quality and details. Easy to put on and comfortable to wear. Thank you!"

Susan Ulrich, USA

These ears look absolutely stunning! Very comfortable and easy to put on. Thank you!

Susan Ulrich, USA

"This hair accessory is very beautiful and well made. It met all my expectations."

Rebecca Lee, USA

"These ear cuffs are well made and pretty."

Rebecca Lee, USA

"Beautiful piece of jewellery, very fast shipping time and a lovely seller to boot! Very impressed and will be buying more from this seller!"

Adam Lyzniak, UK

"(custom order) This was a rather involved undertaking. I had some fire opals I had wanted to spice up for a long time now. Just on a lark, I asked Laura if she was willing to work with stones sent in the mail from me instead of the ones she already had. Not only was she willing, she started talking about designs to use with them. We talked back and forth for a while, getting everything just right. I was excited as a kid on her birthday waiting for this to arrive in the mail! When I got it, it was like the scene in the unicorn movie Legend when the girl lifts the perfect, sparkly jewels and the light from them is flickering all on her face...ok, so I'm being melodramatic, but I like that movie and I love this set."

Jennifer Stephens, USA

"I love the uniqueness of the elf ear wrap. Iam the only person that I know that have them. I always like having things that are different from everyone else...and I love the quality they are very well made with quality material."

Norma Burns, USA

"I asked about getting a ring to add to the Talking with Spirits set I purchased earlier. Lyriel asked if I wanted it to be in leather or black wire, but she made rings of both of those things! It was a tough choice, and I'm still likely to get the other one soon, but I went with the leather as the rest of the set I have is in leather. It's a perfect match and stretchy enough to fit any of my first 3 fingers. Also the elastic is quite comfortable and does not pull too tight even on a larger finger."

Jennifer Stephens, USA

"I picked a color scheme that would go with the ring above, but what was important to me with this piece was that it could fit easily with my hats. I'm usually wearing either a wig, a scarf, or a hat, so it's important to have good ear jewelry that doesn't snag on what I'm wearing or pinch my ears after a long time. This works just perfectly! It easily bends to fit the exact shape of my ear and to sit the way I want it to, high on the ear or low. Arrived just in time for Halloween too."

Jennifer Stephens, USA

"Beautiful and very well made! I'm so happy they are here and I even received a matching necklace, thank you so much!"

Lisa Rendina, USA

"These elf ear cuffs are awesome! I was really drawn to their shape and I am so glad I purchased them, because they are just gorgeous. The shape is really elegant and is a perfect continuation of the ears. Plus, they are easily to adjust for a tighter fit. The design is really, really beautiful and I cannot wait to wear these with my costumes! Laura also included an adorable matching necklace for free! How sweet is that?!"

Alexandra Bibby, USA

"Amazing quality and beauty. Shipping took a while, but ultimately worth it!"

Kassandra Pagaling, USA

"I'm absolutely in love. I got them just in time for Halloween!!! Laura was quick to respond to any possible problem, so excellent customer service! I also really appreciate the gift which matches my ears perfectly. I can't stress how exquisite Laura's work is. I will be a customer for life."

Jacqueline Vela, USA

"Beautiful item and loved the extra little gift that came with them"


"It's a gift and I'm sure it will be a big hit. The quality is really good. Just as pictured. Very happy. Thank you"

Cynthia Languell, USA

"I received the item today, November 3. It is very nice; exactly as pictured. Shipping for the item is international so it took a little longer than I expected. Suggest ordering well in advance for special events. Item is worth the wait."

Debra A. Becker, USA

"I got this in the mail today and I just love it! The work that has been put into these pieces is just fantastic, so delicate, and well done. And the little gift was just wonderful!"

Holleyann Lockery, USA

"Amazing jewelry and an amazing seller :)"

Brandon Leech, UK

"Love love and love. Thank you Laura for all. See you soon. With love. Patricia"

Patricia EVEQUOZ-FELIX, Switzerland

"I'm so happy !!! A huge thank you to Laura to plunge us into this magical universe and our imagination every Time with new wonders. Laura is a fantastic and very professional person. Still thousands of thank you and see you soon. With love Patricia"

Patricia EVEQUOZ-FELIX, Switzerland

"They're beautiful! Just like the picture. Thank you for my little gift it's actually perfect for what I bought the ear for!"

Keira Gillett, USA

"lovely and delicate ear cuff !"

Aviva Ador, Israel

"Good quality, and she worked with me to make just the right piece. Thanks!!!"

Quinn Enestvedt, USA

"It is as described. It i beautiful, and I love it. It was shipped promptly, and I received it sooner than I expected. It is excellently detailed and I am happy with it.

Tammy Chapman, USA

"Amazing seller, one of the most friendly sellers I've ever had the pleasure of buying from :)"

Brandon Leech, UK

"I was afraid when I ordered that my earrings will not arrive in time, because the postal services in December/January work poorly (they have too many free days in my opinion) but I just receive them and I am so thrilled ! I love my earrings! The crystals are beautiful and the work is very careful made and I also received a matching pendant as a gift . Cannot wait to wear them at my birthday party this week-end! ♥♥♥♥"

Elena Popa, RO

"Beautiful craftsmanship, exactly as they appear on the store page. ^_^"

Sam Price, UK

"Very comfortable and lovely to wear. I've received a lot of compliments on it."

Marybelle Harris, USA

Hi Laura, i wanted to let you know that the item has arrived earlier today. They are very beautiful. Thank you very much for all your help. I am sure I will be purchasing from you again. "

Mathilda Jean, UK

"The ears came a few days ago and my daughter loves them! thank you so much"

Christy Smith, USA

"Beautiful ears. I love them."

Amanda Bailey, USA

"I got the ear cuffs today at work so thank you very much. They are simply beautiful."

Julie Thornton, UK

"Wow! When I looked at the pictures in the shop, I thought Laura's jewellry was beautiful - but it is even more when you hold it in your hands. I have to say that there are many shops on Etsy that sell elf ears - but I think Laura's are the best. Why? First, they are beautiful, very detailed, she thinks about what her jewellry shall express. Second, they feel absolutely natural when you wear them - you don't even feel them (except when your hair and the wire cling together, you should be a bit careful about that). But just put them on, they are there and that's it. They don't get heavy and they don't get uncomfortable, you only know that there was something is when you take off. Great, beautiful work and great and caring seller, who isn't araid of experiments :)"

Jana Freund, Germany

"Awesome work. The craftsmanship is amazing."

Alin Cseke, RO

"Another amazingly beautiful creation from this incredibly talented person :) thank you so much!"

Brandon Leech, UK

"So so so amazingly in love with them. I can't wear for festival season to start so I can frolick around like a fairy. Love the lil gift as well. Will definitely be purchasing again."

Iona Morrison, UK

"They came today, in excellent condition! I love it! I was surrounded by my family, at a reunion, and they all thought the elf ears are great as well."

Jean Luebbert, USA

"The elf ears are truly beautiful and are exactly the look I was hoping for with my costume. She was a pleasure to work with and the extra gift in the package was a lovely touch. Thank you!"

Patricia Lichter, USA

"Laura is a very very professional and skills maker. Her work is pretty and perfect. She has perfectly understood what we want on Eldar jewels. Something élégant and simple. Work with her was a real pleasure. Thank you again my lady"

Julien Dalifard, France

"Quality is amazing, everything is beautiful and Laura is wonderful to deal with."

Cherisse Carrier, Australia

"I just picked up the package from the post office and I absolutely love the elf ears as well as the necklace you included. They both arrived safe and sound. Thank you so much!"

Kimberley Foster, USA

"Absolutely gorgeous and they fit perfectly! I'm so happy I ordered them :)"

Diana Ply, USA

"I ordered two ear cuff and they look georgeous on my ears. Very nice work, I am fully satisfied with my purchase, thank you seller!"

Arina Anufrijeva, Estonia

"Hello! I got your package in the mail today! The earrings are wonderful and I appreciate the small owl charm that was packaged with them! Thank you so much!"

Janae Johnson, USA

"Today I have received the elf ears. They are magnificent! Absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much! Also thanks for the lovely gift."

Diane Fens, The Netherlands

"Absolutely adorable! Wonderful made, with soooo many amazing details. I've received many compliments ;) Cannot wait to wear them again. ❤"

Elena Popa, RO

"Thank you! It is lovely."

Sylvia Hyde, USA

" I received my ring along with the gift you sent!! They are beautiful and I am so pleased with my ring!"

Rebecca A. , USA

"I believe Laura makes the best jewelry for anything that pertains to the Hobbit/LOTR/Silmarillion. If the Silmarillion were ever to be made into a movie, I select Laura to make the jewelry for it and its cast. :) She really has a lot of talent, creativity, and imagination, and it is evident in her jewelries. And being a lover of the Elves and the Elven realm, I really do believe this kind of jewelry would absolutely delight them! She also sends extra gifts for free and that really adds to the charm of her products. I bought this ring with free shipping, so yes, it will take a while to arrive to the buyer, but the wait will be all worth it at the end! Thank you so much for this lovely ring. I am willing to do business with you again!"

Sandra Faye Nuqui, USA

"This item is very well crafted , the seller is very professional and kind . She even sent a little extra Gift for free ! The shipping was about a month wait  so if it's for a birthday make sure you pay the extra for express shipping . If not expect a bit of a wait time . But her products are worth the wait if you choose the free shipping option ."

Julie Olesco, USA

"Beautifully packaged lovely ear cuff."

Ann Denny, UK

"Very pretty :) Seller very accommodating and great communication. Thank you!!"

Liz Donneybrook, USA

"Thank you SO much for this gorgeous work!"

Andrea Hippauf, USA

"Thank you very much for your communication, your lovely work, and the pretty ring you included. I already have the ears slipped on and can see they will quickly become a lovely addition to my every day glitter, making each day just a little more special. I know the design has special meaning, and it does to me too. Thank you for the beauty you put back into the world."

April Gardner, USA

"Fast shipping, lovely item, nice seller :-)"

Sophie Violot, France

"I have recieved the pack with your beautifull necklage and the ring... I'm amazed about your skills... Thank you so much..."

Valerio Bonsignori, Italy

"The pendant is great. It's just the type of thing I can see having been created by the Elves or Dwarves in Middle Earth."

Aaron Culley, USA

"This ring is really a fine craftsmanship and it also fits like a dream! It is a custom ring and I can tell a lot of care and talent has been done to make it. I think it's something what Annatar (this ring is based on this character) would likely wear. ;) And the free gift she sent is very cute. Thank you so much!"

Sandra Faye Nuqui, USA

"I received the ring plus a pendant today. I am really thankful for your patience and work, its amazing. A very big thanks to you, for your quick service and the extra bonus Pendant. My daughter is very happy and she is going to wear it everyday."


"So beautiful ears. They fit perfectly. :) And thanks for the lovely gift."

Lena Koppensteiner, Austria

"Bonsoir nous avons reçu le colis a 15h30, merci. Elles sont magnifiques!"

Mme Rapiteau, France

"These earrings are beautiful and very unique. Laura is a great designer and a wonderful person to work with. I highly recommend her shop. You cant go wrong purchasing one of her products."

Kelee Sheed, USA

"Les boucles d'oreilles sont conformes à la photo et à mes attentes. La taille par rapport à l'oreille est parfaite. Je recommande."

Bartoli, France

"I absolutely LOVED my custom order for my wedding! Beautiful head pieces for myself and my bridesmaids, and ear cuffs too! While I completely messed up my own shipping, it still all arrived in time thanks to the amazing artist! Thank you SO much for making my wedding a beautiful success! <3

Andrea Hippauf, USA

"Very beautiful colours, flexible and fitting, good design and work"

Aikaterini Koufochristou, Germany

"When I got home, my package was sitting in my mailbox! Thank you so much for the ring! It is all very beautiful."

Brianna Olsen, USA

"It was exactly as described, the shipping took longer than expected, but it was Christmas time. My wife loves the lavender ear cuffs and matching ring! Thank you so much!"

David Ferry, USA

"I received my order today. I love them! I will keep an eye on your shop for more of your beautiful work. (I still wish I was young enough to wear the elf ears. I wish artists such as yourself had been around when I was a college student). Thanks so much."

Cindy Bolton, USA

"These ears are so gorgeous. They are lightweight and comfortable - no pinching at all.... I wish I could wear them everyday! I hope to order more of Laura's delightful creations in the future. Laura is a joy to work with."

Heather K. Deal, USA

"Bought this as a gift for a friend and she really loved them!"

Ailsa Campbell, UK

"Just got the package they are amazing thank you so much :)"

Christopher White, USA

"The jewelry showed up today. They are perfect! Thank you very much."

Paula Cottrill, USA

"Absolutely beautiful! Very comfortable as well for cosplay and just to walk around to look like an Elf or fairy. Will purchase a silver pair soon!"

Kim Lennon, USA

"Received item, daughter loved it, had nice care instructions and bonus hair pin. Very impressed with the craftsmanship. Laura kept in touch to make sure we were satisfied."


"The elf ear cuffs came and they are BEAUTIFUL!  EVEN PRETTIER THAN THE PICTURE!"

Jennifer Bradley, USA

"This ear climber/cuff is amazing! The detail is just beautiful!! THANK YOU :D This is the place to buy custom jewelry!! Will shop here again."

Leah Vetch, USA

"The craftsmanship is absolutely perfect! The design and the jewels selected were up to my expectations. The necklace and ring are so much beautiful in person. You can tell Laura has a lot of talent when making her jewelries. It almost looks like the jewelry itself has been crafted by majestic Elves. :) Thank you so much!"

Sandra Faye Nuqui, USA

"I received the jewelry, i'm so satisfied !!! It's beautiful and delicately realized. Thanks  "


"I already got the package. I got it on the day I left for my vacation. It was nicely elvish. It's exactly how it looks in the picture. Thanks a lot. especially for that cute bracelet. Good day."

Emmanuel Zaldivia, Philippines

"Thank you very much! I`m so happy with the ears! They are so awesome!"

Steffi Florian, Germany

"I'm very happy with my new ears and I can't wait to wear them. I do plan on ordering more from you when I can. My daughter wants a pair of her own now that she saw them.. Thanks for the little flower hair pin. I gave it to my younger daughter who's 4 and she loves it and wants to wear it to school."

Jessica Crisanti, USA

"Great item I really love it! Came into a nice little gift box with clear instructions on how to maintain. There also was a ring in the giftbox which I didn't order but it's a nice present 😊"

Lotte Knops, Belgium

"I love it! And so do all the bridesmaids. So beautiful :-) Thanks so much."

Liz Cole, Australia

"The earings are wonderfull and look like the picture. It stays on my ears even if I shake my head =) I recommand it !"

Christine Guilbaud, UK

"Beautiful ring and it fits me beautifully. Thank you."

Judith Grant, Canada

"They came today! I love the colors and the little oak leaf details!  They arrived just in time for me to wear them to my aunt and uncle's renewal of vows at the RenFaire. :)"

Valerie Stewart, USA

"Product matches description. Wonderful purchase. Until next time :)."

Jessica Franck, Germany

"Perfect as always. :) This ring really captures Glorfindel's essence, I believe. And the bracelet is really pretty, too. Thank you!"

Sandra Faye Nuqui, USA

"Gorgeous piece would buy again. Very well packed"

Gordon Carrothers, UK

"Thank you! My friends are in love with these ears :)"

Megan Dos Santos, USA

"Beautiful item! Photo doesn't do it justice this piece is gorgeous! Really happy with my purchase. Seller was really helpful and answered all my messages really quickly, can't fault the service or jewellery"

Robyn Stevens, UK

"These go perfectly with my mermaid cosplay. Thank you!"

Paige Brown, USA

"I absolutely love my tiara and elven ears and the special gift too! Thank you sooo much!!"

Anna Marie Morales, USA

"Really pretty, thank you! Perfect for Halloween."

Mrs Che Golden, UK

"They're so divinely delicate, I can't wait to wear them! Sadly, they took about a month to arrive to me in California, so I couldn't wear them this Halloween. But I do love them, they're very unique!"

Kendal Brenneman, USA

"I can't stress enough just how much I love it. The gift I got was also super cute and Laura was extremely nice and helpful!"

Adi Nirren, RO

"So beautiful and perfect! I loved the cute wooden snow flakes that came with it too:) thank you!"

Morgan Stewart, USA

"A beautiful pendant, pictures can't do it justice. I was worried when I ordered it that the flower might be fragile, but it's made of a nice foam-like material which is great."

Kelcee Remeur, USA

"This ring is very eye-catching and I love it!"

Lynn Mankin, USA

"Bon article, correspond à la photo... Vendeur sérieux."

Hippogriffe, France

"The earrings are gorgeous.Keep up the good work and have nice day."

Alessandra Bortolotti, Italy

"hi Laura just letting you know the crown as arrived and it looks amazing! thank you so much!

Genevieve Shirley, Canada

"cette article es sublime je l'adore"

Melanie Millard, France

" The work on the piece is absolutely lovely. They're gorgeous. So, I highly recommend the shop."

Joshua Scott, USA

"I've got them :) They are even more beautiful than in the picture. The pair with green crystals looks as it's been custom shaped for my ears" 

Izabela Słowik, Poland

"Amazing earrings. Delicate and exquisite. I'm totally in love with them. Thank you Laura for your efforts, your work is amazing and the communication with you outstanding."

Anouk Haiku, Spain

"The quality of this piece is so high, and it's so don't do it justice. I will be a repeat customer for sure!!"

Beverly Huo, USA

"They are exactly what I wanted. Completely satisfied with my purchase and the diligence of the seller in doing what was possible to ensure my package got to me! I’m so happy!"

Asia Creech, USA

"Really great quality! The pendant looked clear when I opened the box which confused me at first, but when I put it under the light it looked blue! Not sure how that's possible, but it made it even more magical. Perfect for any elf or elf-wannabe!"

Nadine Shaw, USA

"The necklace arrived!! It’s gorgeous! Thank you!"

Emily Myers, USA

"Really pretty and very well made! And Laura is awesome! The first package was lost in the mail and she immediately posted a replacement. The jewelry is totally worth the wait, thanks!

Kiyomi McFadden, USA

"My necklace has arrived thank you so much I absolutely love it."

Anna Parsons, UK

"Beautiful earcuff! Thank you so much! really nice work."

Linda Söderlundh,


"The ears arrived yesterday, just as I was on my way out the door for a birthday party, so it was perfect timing. Both pairs of ears are gorgeous!"

Heather K. Deal, USA

"I have received the package today. Amazing!!!!!! I love the tiara so much. I have been doing some testing and now I don't know if use it as tiara or as a necklace!! It suits both forms so cool. Depending on the hairdo I will use it one way or another. I'm so happy with my magical elven jewelry. Your hands are magic."
Anouk Haiku, Spain

"The ear cuffs look just like the picture, comfortable to wear and a cool look when you want to wear something on your ears but dont feel like wearing regular earrings."

Anita Adshead, USA

"I am completely thrilled with this ring. It is unique, beautiful, comfortable to wear. It’s gorgeous. I can see some people comment on the postage time, but I think you have to factor in the fact that some items are made to order and also, postage from some countries just is slow. It’s never the sellers fault and that’s what you have to expect sometimes. Let me tell you though, worth the wait I promise you. Will definitely come back. Thank you so much Lyriel. ❤️🌺🌸"

Angela Bright, UK

"I ABSOLUTELY LOVE my new Loki crown !!!! You can see how many hours the artist puts into making it. It fits perfectly and I can not wait to wear it. I'll visit the shop soon, to buy some other gorgeous creation ;)"

Elena Popa, RO

"Well designed/crafted. Arrived in time, as requested."

Rebecca Cahoon, Canada

"Exactly what i was looking for. Thanks Laura Guraliuc for there wunderfull job. Up to Elfia 2018. Pieter V., The Netherlands

"(Lady Loki crown) I just picked it up and it's so beautiful 😍 It fits perfectly! ❤️ Thank you!"

Anne Mari Andersland, Norway

"Beautiful earrings. Made with love. Thank you dear Laura."

Susan Kolschewski, Germany

"just what i wanted to finish off my wedding outfit,thank you."


"This headpiece is lovely! It fits loosely in the front and snug in the back, so it stays on well and looks very regal. It's flexible, too. Would absolutely return for any other elven needs I may have."

Sam Kennedy, USA

"Gorgeous elven ears. I needed to practise a bit putting them on, but it's relative easy to do by yourself too. And they've received a lot of compliments!"

Marianne Koski, Finland

"These ears are stunning! They give the illusion that they are actually your ears without having to use ugly rubber pieces that don't match your skintone. They are very lightweight and easy to put on (you just slip them over your ears). They do block your ear canal enough to notice a slight muffling in sound when you first put them on, but that goes away pretty quickly. Love them!"

Sam Kennedy, USA

"My Lady Loki crown is so beautiful! The seller was able to customize it for me a bit, and it will go perfectly with my upcoming cosplay. Thanks so much!! "

Kelsi Ascol, USA

This is perfect. It took forever to arrive, but it came in time. I should have read the shipping notes before purchasing. The workmanship is good, and it is exactly as described. Thank you for making this item.

Debbie Wales, USA

"Absolutely lovely! Arrived very much in time and was complimented on it many times. Thank you so much :)"

Fayth Good, Australia

"The jewellery is absolutely stunning, beautifully designed and beautifully made  I will wear it with love. Thank you so much."

Jennifer Lamb, UK

"I brought the most fabulous pair of elf jewellery for my ears from her stand at the middle earth festival last weekend. saving now to buy an elf tiara. couldn't recommended this lady enough. lovely jewellery xx"

Sara Wheeler, UK

"This circlet is amazing! Looks exactly like the picture, fits so well around my head. It's much more delicate than I thought in the best sort of way. Rose is super friendly, extremely kind and one of the best shop owners that I have worked with! She responded promptly to my messages and went above and beyond to get me my item! If you're considering buying from her, please do!"

Shannon C., USA

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